Helsinki Biomechanics Research Project will allow “A New View” of athletes' performa

I hope Discovery Channel to do a special about this. Would be very very interesting.


Does anyone know how I can get my hands on the IAAF 1997 World Championships biomechanics study (video/book) :confused: .


It’s available from IAAF store.

Last time I watched a program on track and field on the Discovery Channel something like the following was said: “Long-jumpers can reach speeds in excess of those reached by sprinters.”

Imagine a powerlifter who also long-jumps! Fastest man in the world, no doubt.

I call BS on that one - just look at the stats (velocity). Not even close. Maybe midget sprinters.

:stuck_out_tongue: Realy ?! That´s funny Thor.
BTW, last program i watched from Discovery was PERFORMANCE, they show 2 guys working on starts using cameras and other tech´s. Coach was Ronald…from Canada ?