Help with Transfer rules

I am in a jam, with my horrible computer, and can’t properly view the website. I need to know if you transfer from D2 to D3? do you still need a waver to talk to other coaches?

you might want to try not com. i’m not 100% sure, but you should be ok, if you are transferring from a DI-A to DI-A, you must sit a year.

I think you will still need a waiver to pseak to the coach.

call the ncaa for rules. youll get a quicker and more specific response

You need a release… After the release is sent send the institution your transcripts to see what classes will follow you.

Kenny Mac~~

I think the release is only for scholarship athletes. For track I don’t think you have to sit out a year if you transfer from D1 to D1.


Just email the new coach and ask him if he needs a release to speak with you.

thanks for the help, he said that i do need a release to talk even to just talk.