Help with HS football program combine program

I have a group of football players that are getting ready to attend a high school combine. They will have about 4 weeks to prepare. How would you set up a template (speed only) and the intensity for the 4 weeks?? The combine includes the 10 yard & 40 Yard dash, Pro-Agility Drill, & the L Drill
as the speed events.

My thoughts are:
Mon & Fri - Starts & Accel
Tues & Thur - Tempo
Wed - Agility & Plyo’s

Wk-1 85%
Wk-2 90%
Wk-3 95%
Wk-4 90% Cut work volume

Also should I include any Flying 10’s-20’s into this program?? Any of your thought would be great!!!

mon/thur: speed days
tue/fri: plyos + agility tech (shuttle,ldrill)
wed/sat: bike + position drills

actually looks nice, for agility i assume u mean the drills

That depends on the particular strengths and weaknesses of the players you are training. If they are good at getting from 0 - 20 but don’t keep accelerating through the finish, then some flying drills might be appropriate.

Out of all of the combine tests, the 40 is the only one that can arguably be directly effected by top speed work, so given the short timeframe you have to work with, focusing on accelerations (which are applicable to the agility drills as well as the 40) may make more sense.

Thanks for the replies. How are the intensities???
Week four will have the volume dropped. As for the agilities, some will include proper mechanics using hoops and some will be the actual drills that will be used at the combine. I have thought about the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete. I will be using the explosive strength deficit test for each athlete (flying 40 compared to the actual 40). But I wasn’t sure about the influence on the flying runs for the 40 Yard dash. Thanks again for the template help also!!!

I assume those intensities are for the weight training only? If so, they look reasonable.

As far as sprinting intensities, I think you would probably work at >95% for the first 3 weeks, then drop to 90-95% for the fourth (unloading) week with very low volumes.