Help with choice?

Hi gang,

I have been offered a sprint coaching job at a local high school. Pay is only $500 for about 12 weeks.

However, on the upside, this school has talent on the boys side that hasn’t even been close to realized.

This is something I want to do, just not sure if pay sacrifice is worth the ability to coach these guys. Thoughts, experiences?


Thats a personal life decision. You gotta do what you feel is right.

Do it and be thankful you’re getting paid at all. I am serious. What is the pay sacrifice? Does it interfere with your normal work?

Do it. I was a volunteer coach at a high school for football from June-December and never once was complaining about the money. Seriously, it was really cool and I had fun. I still worked and went to school and had time to train myself along with the coaching responsibilities.

If I had the chance to coach sprints for a high school I’d be all over it. (I have a feeling I may after I’m all done w/ school and fb).

Pay doesn’t help but it will be good experience and you will enjoy it and get a chance to make a difference.