Help with a young sprinter

I have a 14yo boy w/1 year of training running 11 high 25.0 and jumping 17-18ft. I dont want to over coach him. But when we do sprints up 60m he says he cant feel the track and feels like he is going to lift off the ground. He winds up loosing control and wind up stumbling towards the end of the the 60m last time he scraped himself up pretty good. I like the fact that he feels like the foot contacts are light but why would he loose control like this is he to fast for his strength? Is this a coordination problem?

Well, first I’d do a drug test on him… Then I’d assess his core strength. This lack of strength could be the result of his balance problems.

I thought he was nuts too. I think he meant that his foot contacts become very light @ 50-60m

co-ordination overall.also when he reaches top speed he maybe is still trying to accelerate thus leading to him “breaking up”.

take the distance back until he is solid over X distance and slowly build up.running the 100m requires alot of strenght and co-ordination and this must be taken into consideration.hes only training a year or so…