Help! Not sure what to buy....

Ok, I’m going to be placing an order next week and I’m not sure what to buy based on my particular needs.

I’m a self coached sprinter who lives in the east coast and right now I’m about to finish up the long to short program in 3 weeks which I will then start competing every other week (at least) until it gets too cold. (FYI, I did not do ANY GPP but my body has adapted and it’s ready to go roll!:cool:) Right now I have the CFTS and I also have the Vancouver of 2004.

So what I’m looking at now is either the e book master set OR the Key Concepts Elite because I need to contine on from where the Long to short program left off as i have NO IDEA how to program myself for the whole year.

So should I just go with the E book master set?

Yes and if you can stretch to it GPP Essentials.

If you have not read Speed Trap you will find this a great starting point.