Help Needed: Soccer Nutrition Booklet

I want to create a small booklet (10-15pages) for my soccer athletes I work with (17-30yrs). I want it to be simple and readable, yet practical. Does someone have a template or something simmilar?
Some topics I would love to cover are:

  1. Energetics of soccer match and training (ATP, CP, glycolysis, aerobic glycolisis and lipolisis, energy needs for soccer match [around 1300-1500kcal per game])
  2. Macronutrients and where to ‘find them’ (simple chart); micronutrients
  3. General dieting issues (losing fat, gaining muscle phenomena; fat loss vs weight loss; water loss, tracking results, bodyweight regulation, flexible dieting…)
  4. Fat loss for soccer (losing fat, keeping muscles and performances, timing of nutrition around matches, metabolic slowdown, maximal caloric deficit, role of aerobic and strength training, refeeding, free meals, diet breaks, meal planning, role of proteins, supplements)
  5. Mucle gain for soccer (gaining muscles, not gaining too much fat in the process; keeping aerobic requirements low, meal planning, supplements )
  6. Maintenance (Lyles and Berardis guidelines; meal planning, pre-game, post-game nutrition, supplements)

Man, I could write a book!!! Damn’

Any help higly appreciated.

Search out Fueling Tactics

Hi Duxx that’s a lot of information to put in a booklet in my opinion. Couldn’t you try to keep it basic and then design smaller advanced sheets/posters etc? There is some good info on mypyramid.??com/gov?

I’ve always like your colour schemes and schematics hence i try to include these again:)

How about the offical FIFA book on nutrition for Football?

Yeah, I think it is a lot of info for a booklet, but I will keep it short, without too much ‘whys’, but only ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘when’…

TC, thanks, I got that file on my comp. Thanks for remining me. I will take a look again!!