Help me revise my soccer program

I was wondering if this is a good program to do for a couple of weeks to get some speed and get some more endurance without giving up power and strength.

Monday- sprints
Tuesday- soccer practice
Wednesday- rest
Thursday- light jog
Friday- sprints
Saturday- Fartlek training
Sunday- rest

Fartlek training consists of running 1.1 miles begin 10 seconds sprint followed up by 50 second jog and drop the ratio of jog to sprint in a few weeks.

Endurance just do jogging for 2.2 miles lightly.

Sprint workout only 200 yards maximum.

Soccer practice is at a fairly high intensity.

Do ball moves 40 minutes a day except for rest days and during soccer days, but if I feel good I will do it during rest days real light.

Any opinions appreciated.

Does this look good to you guys or is it too much, and should i change anything around.

Putting Practice and Speed on back to back days might be a bit much for the CNS… You might want to reschedule the monday speed day. I think that Charlie as well as some others on this forum have trained some soccer people before…Anyone have any ideas?

Well how does this look now.

Day 1- speed
2- light jog
3- rest
4- practice
5- rest
6- speed
7- light jog
8- rest
9- fartlek
10- rest
11- practice
12- rest
13- speed
14- light jog

does this look good for a 2 week cycle because i added a few more rest days in there so i’d be fresh.

Much better Jimmay, yer 2 week program is much more efficient and trust me you will notice the difference on how you feel (fresh) on yer speed days as well as yer practice days.