Help me get back into everything

i know i posted this in my journal but not everyone visits it…

i deserve it. i have missed workouts, felt unmotivated and the such. this always happens with me, i start of strong in a program and within a week or two i stop and want to do another one. this is really annoying. i get back into grooves and i start missing workouts and feel unmotivated.

i watched some athletics tonight and i want to continue, heck, im going to continue. but i really need to work consistant.

can anyone provide some flames to get me off my skinny arse? or inspirational words or something. something to get me back out there…

i really want to continue but i am lacking something. i know when i start being coached i should see improvements and such, but going out there by myself all the time is what probably makes me cringe about it. i dont know, anyone with suggestions or some words… thanks

I have a feeling it’s your goal-setting. That is what you are lacking.

Here’s a summation of the stuff I’ve read:
1.Write the benefits of the goals (why are they important to you?) Analyze your level of desire.

  1. Write your goals down. Write them as specific as possible, down to the digits. Write them in present tense as if they are already happening. They should be BIG goals - goals that would motivate you to work REALLY HARD. They should be MEASURABLE/testable.

  2. Ask yourself: What does it take to get there? Am I committed enough?

  3. Write down the obstacles you see in your way or in the future. (Why haven’t you reached your goals yet?) This would help you make a plan that would help you skip/manage foreseeable problems/distractions in the future.

  4. Set the REALISTIC deadlines for each goal. Deadlines = Yearly, Quarterly (3 months/year), Monthly, Weekly…etc.

  5. Organize your plan. The plan is the summation of the four former steps set in chronological order. It consists of smaller goals leading to the big one. (What do I have to do first so I can go to the next step?)

  6. Visualize it as if it is already happening. (In other GhETTOE words: Gotta think about dat shyt you wanna do all day).

  7. Measure your progress. See what works and what doesn’t.

  8. If feeling like shyt, look at your past successes (which should be written down too) and achievements.

  9. Read your goals with passion 2x/day.

  10. Persist! (Just keep on pushin’…)

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