Help...I can't stand to sit!

I was wondering if I would be burnt out if I decided to cross-train for about 6 weeks before starting my GPP? I just finished my season last Thursday and I am dying to go do something. I am a wired person so sitting for a very long time is killing me. I know I need to give my body a physical and mental rest, but if I played basketball (something I suck at but love doing during the summer) 2-3 times a week until I started my GPP, would it harm me more than benefit me? Should I just sit for a couple of weeks and then go into cross-training?

By the way, I am starting my GPP on Aug. 18 because that is the best time for me to start. It’s a long story and I know it is a long layoff, but it is what I can do based on my situation. Because of such a long layoff my GPP will last 8 weeks, too.

Please help! :help:

It’s a wonderful opporuntity to spend some time researching …

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It’s a wonderful opporuntity to spend some time researching …

Researching recovery, etc. or just track in general?

I actually meant training in general.
I use the close season time to build my new programme and read up about different techniques I want to try or supplements etc.
I like you - hate lying around - this way I’m working hard at what I like, yet not killing the body AND I’m working on improving for next year!!

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I am a wired person so sitting for a very long time is killing me.

You might want to look into ADHD!

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You might want to look into ADHD!

The medicine makes me tired :devil: !

no23 - I have been researching everything for the past who knows how many weeks now, starting off slowly during the summer and now going full bore now that the season is over. You can only research so much before you go into overload and need a break. But, I will just sit and chill (you like that Timothy?!) and just keep developing next year’s training schedule. But you do agree that about two weeks of nothingness is the proper way to go right?

For me personally - 2 weeks of absolute nothingness works … then starting back slowly …

I have the it too, I feel you!

Ritalin works for about 2-4 hours, then you feel killing yourself. LOL. The crash is unreal. I have had good success with adderall (sp?), also look into piracetem/deprenly seemed to work really well with no side effects. After I got tested the examiner put on the sheet that my add must wreak havoc in a classroom. No kidding huh!

I was just joking, though at times I do question myself. I can be shaky and fidgety at times, but that might just be adrenaline because I love running, playing B-Ball and just staying active. But hey, you never know…I might be a sufferer who just doesn’t know it yet.

no23 - I was going to take 2 weeks off then cross-train for 3-4 weeks until my start date and then go right back into my GPP. How does that sound to you?

Sure why not have fun with it! I personally dont cross-train. Be proud of your ADD and let it guide you. I look at it like the fource. Yoda: The ADD is with you timothy. Timothy: thanks yoda. Be one with the ADD…Luke ADD is your father. Conclusion listening to much enigna will drive you mad?

Got Bach?

I’ll make sure to do that. :smiley:

Yeh - go with that man - just try and use the opportunity to try enjoy the other stuff out there …
Enjoy it!