Help!!!During Workout

I am interested in seeing what everyone does for their nutrition while they train. I prefer just carbs, but I would just like to see what everyone else does. Also, how about supplementation during the workout(weigth for strength and power and track) Whey,Gatorade,bcaa’s, creatine,…?

I like to eat a box of pop tarts right in the middle of my workout. Insulin stays low due to epinephrine and the carbs go straight to my muscles giving me lasting energy- non-insulin dependent glucose uptake.

Ok I’m just kidding :). But when Mauro Dipasquale first used his high fat diet on WBF bodybuilders he would actually have them doing exactly that…eating humongous amounts of poptarts, pastries etc. during the workout.

I always like about 10 grams bcaa’s, 15-20 grams carbohydrate, and 15-20 grams whey.

Viru and Viru research is very clear about the supra maximal weights causing insulin skyrockets (for every spike should allow a fall) so why use during workout formulas with whey and glucose if you are getting a free ride from the lifting?..if you are lifting with long durations for rest periods the glucose will be a problem since any epinephrine response can’t handle both combinations. You can break the rules with a hypertrophy phase.

BCAAs with some carbs (5-10 grams) for pure speed and power.

Charlie made a suggestion 3 years ago with the philboard and now I am fighting this to a tooth…athletes will be more anabolic and far leaner since bodybuilding uses a slow progression to being lean for a few weeks only while elite sprinters should be very lean year round.