hello everyone

okay charlie or anybody as you can see, i live in vancouver. Right now its snowing like crazy, so much that some school is cancelled. I cant do tempo nothing, and there is no indoor track here. To top it off im having financial troubles with my track club, so i just do jogging on ellipticals or bike in the gym. THe good news is my squat is going up again, finally after a long plateu. My question now is with all this strength development how detrimental is it despite not doing any drills, or tempo and general conditioning other then joggin on treadmill or going on bike and elliptical? Can i compensate in time for spring despite doing 100% of my effort on getting my strength up, which is working. I’m hoping that maybe when i incorporate power cleans into the equation i can get my old power back to normal, or maybe not im perplexed how my body is gonna adapt to speed. thanks in advance

You can do tempo on the treadmill. go 15secs on the highest setting or close to it 45secs off and repeat.

Powercleans, squats, plyos, medball (costs <$20) and you can get some good improvement.

i took a snow shovel and carved out 80 metres, it was a good warm-up.

hahah cody, i dont got a shovel man. Plus im brazilian this coldness owns my bones. I will run for 20m then collapse hehehehe. I should buy one those complete body suits that i saw tyler christopher wear on a few of his 400m events. Yeah davan i shuld try that on the treadmill.

Yes you should. Just leave it at whatever speed (7-12mph) and hop on and off the tread at the beginning and end of each rep.

I’ll offer again . . .

From what I recall, you live pretty close to our facility. We’ve got a 30m Mondo track if you need to do any drill or accel work (and I’ve got an isorobic exerciser setup here too)- also med balls with tons of room to throw inside, and all of the OL stuff. PM me if you’re interested and we’ll make some arrangements.


PS this weather SUCKS! I don’t mind the snow - it’s a nice change up from the rain, but I despise the cold.

I do all my speed and tempo work in an ice rink. It has a walkway around the top just like an indoor track. It’s pretty sweet!! :slight_smile: It’s about 30min outside of Vancouver though.

I would really like to find a facility downtown because I am thinking of moving there. Anybody found anything?? I need about 50m of covered surface. A hallway, parking garage or bball courts? I know there’s a gym at the Coal Harbour Community Centre, but it’s booked full most nights. I’m sure there’s gotta be a parking garage somewhere?? What about down by Canada Place where there are all those underground roads? Surely there’s got to be a flat covered surface there… If anybody can find me a decent place to train I’ll give you $100! No bs.

i cant think of anything that would be to good, there are lots of parking garages, like the underground one on robson i think under the bay. I just have being doing tempo on a treamill and on a artificial turf field the snow wont stick to the ground so i shoveled a 80metre runway here in richmond, and just limited the volume and just added tons of medball, plyos and weights. You guys are always welcome to come to richmond, and its gonna start raining soon.

If nothing else - we’re only a fifteen minute seabus ride away from Coal Harbour/Canada Place. Here’s our front door view. Canada Place is just to the left of the cruise ship, and Coal Harbour is right behind it.

The offer of getting Svass’ advice is probably the best offer/opportunity you’ll get this year Senri …

I think so to, if svass was a large breasted blond then it would make it even sweeter, but i guess the gym alone it great.

wtf i didnt know this exists. OH shit its over now son.

Sure that option is ok… but that set-up looks dangerous and unuseable. People will be lifting weights and getting in your way. There’ll be no opportunity to get a serious speed workout in.

I’m thinking about going to a school and seeing if I can train in their hallways or use their gym at night. If I have to slip the janitor 50 bucks then so be it…

Dangerous and unusable :rolleyes: