If you are 6’3, is it an advantage to have short og long legs? 20-40 m sprints.

If you feel slow and out of shape in a track/weight session, should you complete it or just quit?

Same if it feels very fast ?

As far as short or long legs, I wouldn’t spend any time worrying about it. There’s not much you can do to change your leg length, so simply work on making the best of what you have.


When it comes to practicing when you feel sluggish or slow, I tend to believe that you should listen to your body. If you are not feeling up to par on a day that is scheduled for speed work, move it back a day so that you get more out of it. Dont do something just because it is on paper.

Thanks ppl… I dont really know if I have short or long legs… I’m playing soccer, so my height is an advantage in many ways. For a pure sprinter 6’3 will be a bit tall… but in soccer you have to combine many things. I’m pretty fast over 20 m! but to be an excellent starter in proffesional track isn’t my goal. To be tall and fast is to me the best combination in soccer :slight_smile:

I hope I will keep developing my potential in speed, and don’t stop where I am now just because I’m tall

My training week isnt so flexible that I can just push the speed training 1 day back… so I eiter have to drop it and take it 4 days later or do the full session or just do the weights… any advice?


I agree… it is mainly the genetics(white muscle fibers) and how you train that decides if you are fast or not…
I try as far as I can to train after the Francis methods… I use all the principles when I train for speed. that’s maybe the factor that makes me a faster soccer player than other players that just play soccer and run kilometres after kilometres.

Charlie said the optimal leg length for a sprinter is from the hip to the ground. Too much put into it. Obvously shorter people have a power advantage at the start whereas the long levered have a potential advantage later in the race. Ben and Carl are prime examples.