height off the track

how can a floater improve on his height off the track if he is already faairly good on this area but wishes to get to a standard a la Carl? is there any drils, things to do that caan improve this?:help:

why do you want to do this? in hope that doing this will make you like carl? maybee this would not be a good thing for you to do and there are other areas to focus on. can you tell us a little about yourself as far as training and times go? and possibly post some pics or video so we can get an idea of why you would want to improve in the area you mentioned.

Wont the height off the track be a result of the power down into the track - meaning that the faster you are the higher off the track you get ?

well in order to get the height off the track in order for him to apply enough force to get this “extra height” the result could be increase ground contact times which could result in slower times. this may depepend on his strength levels, elastic strength in particular.

What i meant was that everything we do in training is geared towards getting better hip-height in running ,resulting in greater ground-forces ,resulting in higher lift off the ground ,meaning that better height off the track is a calculated result of everything we do in training.

In other words - get faster!

yes you are right… but in order to get faster he may have to first get stronger and this also may bring us bak to the topic of verticle plyometrics.

I do agree with you.
Just making sure that whenever someone targets one specific area of training they keep all the others ,albeit with a change in volume and intensity.

First of all,don’t try to run like somebody.i tried to run like CL for years and it just didn’t happen.we all have different levers,limb lenghts etc and are all unique in our own way.go out and run to the best tecnique you can.take all the basic areas and make sure they are in place.the only thing i learn from CL himself and his technique was to run relaxed.to try and run like someone is stupid,try to run like yourself

Good advice X man.

thanks for ur replies. i do not run like a robot and learn how to sprint out of a text book. im not that much of an amateur.:wink: