Heel spur treatment!

Has anyone had any experience with heel spurs and treatment? Heel spurs are quite painful in the AM when you first get out of bed, the pain then lessens. While warming up for a w/o the pain subsides but comes back after the w/o. Can someone who has experienced this comment on possible treatment, thank you.

Usually it is due to a biomechanical problem, so control of the foot function is necessary (be it an orthotic or a simple insole). Use the RICE principle for intital treatment (rest the area, ice the heel for 20minutes on, 40 minutes off, compress the area with a compressive stabilizing ACE wrap, and elevate the foot when you are sitting around)along with NSAIDS for only a three day period, and then use the orthotic/insole to stabilize the foot. Rarely, I have had to use a cortisone injection into the heel or even go to shockwave therapy. About 80-85% of heel pain resolve even before shockwave therapy is even thought about. Keep up posted!

Thank you Krusty for the advice, do you think I can try hills if I take the precautions you suggested? I will also purchase a good insole as well, thanks again will keep you posted, :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem caused by a severe bruise to the heel. In the end, deep friction massage was what made the difference and allowed me to return to full training. If it’s an impact issue, I would recommend using cushioned heel cups which keep the fat pad snugly in place. If its sore first thing in the morning, you could even consider warming it up before your first steps, provided you have the means to do so.

Thanks Ally for your input, I will do what you both advised, makes sense.