Heart Rate/Blood Pressure for Track Athletes

What would the average heart rate and blood pressure be for an elite athlete? Every time I get my physical my doctor says I have the lowest HR/BP that he’s ever seen in our town in a high school athlete, but I am by no means the most physically fit person in high school. Do genetics affect it? Does even really have a connection with athleticism, or is that a myth?

My blood pressure is 120/70 and I guess athletes blood presures has to be kind of low to handle the intense training, I read somewhere that your heart rate and blood pressure is mostly due to your genes

It must be genetic mostly, because many atheletes (including you) have far better results, but still have much higher blood pressures. my blood pressure has never registered higher than 96/59, and my heart rate has never been above 60.

I don’t know about BP, but as far as HR goes, it’s a good idea to take your heart rate in the morning before you get out of bed or anything. My HR is naturally fairly high, but some days it would REALLY jump and I’d know that I either didn’t sleep enough, or trained too hard. I think it is all relative…

HR & BP is very genetic. If you say that yer HR is high in the morning is can be natural or it can be caused by certain disorders, ie sleep disorders like sleep apnea, etc., you should look into that. For example, do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with yer heart beating faster than normal?

BP can be controlled with diet and exercise and thus you will have lower BP than the “norm” 120/80.

HR generally is lower with the fit person, something we all know.