Headaches and neurologists

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I went to a neurologist to see if the source of my non-freaking-stop headaches could be KILLED. My general practioner has given up trying to figure it out…various drugs, man, hey, cool, a pink elephant is RIGHT THERE…can you see it?
Anyhow, the neuro was a large woman…about 150…KILOS…and she had me do various strength tests (against her)and I was feeling very insecure…especially after she TOLD me to disrobe and put on a dish towel that closes in the back. She was nice and did not violate any orifices which made my headache go away…but does anybody have any experience with headaches which are either severe or chronic? I initially thought it might be the enormous weight which was pulling on my spinal cord from way down below:D, …seriously…she has prescribed drugs which will either interfere with my training or my sexual function…what IS there to live for after THOSE are gone.