Has Chris T sold out?

Thought that’d get your attention…

Whats with all the body building CT? Do you really love those biotest supplements so much?

Don’t fall into the ‘trying to be to clever’ trap.

P.S Still love you man!! :smiley:

i like the hair in the after pics.

In fairness to Christian, I think the bodybuilding market is a legitimate audience to write for. In fact, I think bodybuilding is in the greatest need of sound training advice. If you go into the average gym you still see most trainees using the most idiotic training methods. Personally, I think the “invasion” of bodybuilding by successful strength coaches like Charles Poliquin, Christian Thibaudeau, Ian King, Dave Tate, etc. has been the best development in bodybuilding in decades. In the past, most bodybuilding advice was coming from competitive bodybuilders whose success was based more on their drug connections that their training methods.

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i like the hair in the after pics.

looks like yours - must be the same hairdresser? :wink:

their hairdresser’s name is bic

What’s wrong with giving body-builders good programs?

I’m no Chris T. or CF but I’m starting a business to train brides who need to look their best on the day of their Weddings (or their World Champs). I don’t overcharge but these brides usually have much deeper pockets than sprinters and for those 12 wks they are just as committed to their goals as almost any athlete. Of course I still look to train sprinters and Long Jumpers but that is pretty much volunterry (sp).

That is one GOOD idea. I may steal that one myself.

Make sure they do plenty of RDL’s.:smiley:

I don’t think Chris is a sellout, everybody has to make a living and he is lucky to be able to do it in field he obviously enjoys. I don’t agree with everything he says but good luck to him anyway.


Balance’s (or RL’s) Always the Bride’s Maid and Never The Bride Personal Training.

How’s that for the Business name? I kind of like the name but it’s a little too long. lol


Balance, too bad you’re working with brides, that’s a great way to meet women. You need to start offering the service to bride’s maids. Like I always say, if you can’t find the perfect woman, build her.