Has Asafa Powell Got Bigger?

When i watched the IAAF Outdoor Champiionship or something like that today on Fox Sports, i noticed Asafa’s build has became bigger than i remembered.

So has be bulked up or something? because his physique is looking pretty swole to me

That is not a word buddy.

from UrbanDictionary:

Extremely muscular or buff.

Craig: yo Ray Ray have you seen Trey lately?
Ray: yeah he’s been hittin the weights hasn’t he?
Craig: yeah he’s swole dawg

The Urbandictionary does not qualify as a reliable resource for real words.

Lol, it exists!!! Hey if it’s not a word…make it one!!!

swole is a real word.

swole is often used in bodybuilding terms to help explain one’s body. when you say someone is ‘swole’, you refer to him/her having a big, near perfect physique or something. trust me, its a word

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There is no magic to sprinting fast. No ONE means in or around this world will make someone a better sprinter. Faster sprint times are always a result of efficient, consistent work. Don’t critisize someone for their achievements, it shows that you don’t believe in yourself. If you truly believe you are gifted for speed, you wont make excuses when other people fail or succeed. Give credit where it is due.

you would probably be best served posting on another board and leaving this one with your accusations and feelings. I would purchase Speed Trap if you want some more information, rather than speculation, on elite athletics.

It was one friggin thought.
oh, heres a thought,
instead of reposting,
It would save you,
and D nasty bundles of time.

I thought during the last incident that someone mentioned that there was an 18 year old age minimum, am I incorrect?

Either way, bickerings like these need to stop, espcially such as this, which I am sure will result in some sort of much needed ban.

As of late there has been more member bashing, arguements related to peoples semantics, and bashing of people programs and personal opinions than I would care to remember.

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Just my opinion.

If there is a 18 y/o age minimum I think its more of a wink and nod policy unless you do something stupid…

I thought the 18 y/o minimum was a suggestion.

I think the discussion ends at p’s post.
He’s niether for or against niether of us,
and he brings a valid point into the picture.
so, Im done.

deleted my rebuke(in internet speak ownage).

I smell hate!

you don’t need a dictionary to go to the front of the site to check out the rules here. I’ve deleted the worst of this thread. No bitching at others- no drug references!