Harry Aikines-Aryeetey is back

He competed in Pavia, Italy.
Won his heat in 10"18 (w + 1,4), and won the final in 10"20 (w - 0,3).
The brits are going to have a good relay pool…

Someone’s gonna miss out somewhere along the line! Harry may be the option for anchor leg. I’m not really sure how I’d pick the team right now, but maybe Tyrone, Craig, Marlon, Harry. Then of course you’re missing out Simeon, but his leg was poor at Penn. Rikki is yet to run still. We have options for the first time in a while!!

Is Harry still being coached by Michael Khmel?

dont forget phiri, he’s running great…although im not sure if he’s british anymore?

Yeah, Harry is still beng coached by Michael up at Loughborough, but they had been in Italy for a couple of weeks leading up to this. Another sprinter from that stable, Leon Baptiste pbed with 10.31 into a headwind I believe. As for Gerald, I believe he has options in terms of who he can compete for internationally. He’s running really well though! I’m pleased for him.