are there any ways to get hard copies of charlies books?

If you can find one at a used book dealer (good luck with that, the only one I’ve found is Speed Trap) or if a library has one I think it would definetly be worth it to steal the book (not that I condone such actions). Finally, if you buy the e-book you can just go get it printed and bound at Kinkos or similar type stores.

They occassionally come up on ebay.

I’m lucky - I have both copies in hardback.

Two prized books

the book training for speed was available at oztrack.com.
i think it still is.

great book.

I got my “Training For Speed” off of oztrack and I got my used copy of “Speedtrap” on amazon. Check amazon frequently. You may have to pay 30-50$ but its well worth it.

alright, is there any reason charlie doesnt sell them here?

If you are interested in print editions of our products please get in touch with me. Email 'info@charliefrancis.com" subject “hardcopy request” and i’ll see what i can do.

Thank you

And no stealing library copies.

Thats right! Stealing is so bourgeois!

Please don’t steal the copy of Training For Speed at the UNC library in Chapel Hill. I put in a request for the book when I was a student there. It took the library 9 months to complete the order from Faccioni Publishing; out of Australia, if I remember correctly. The team’s sprinters could probably use the information, judging from their usual placing in the ACC.

See Rupert’s post above about hard copies

too bad i didnt see this earlier, i already bought speed trap and cfts. though i kinda wish cfts was a hardcopy, as the text is hard to read and its even worse if you print it out.

yes but it is missing vital graphs and an EMS points of application diagram! As well as, Pics of Ben Johnson.

Staples usually does a very good job printing from disk and they don’t charge a fee for that either!

I got the forum review printed at kinkos and binded and it was close to 30$. Def not cheap but it was my only option unless I printed it myself and used my whole ink cartridge which cost 25$ anyway.

the forum review has the baddest assed picture of ben johnson hands down, where hes literally jumping out of the blocks.

Beware that if you order from Oztrack it will take a long time to get your order. I’m in Canada and it took more than a month to get my book. I’d recommend just buying the ebooks off this site. It’s alot less hassle and the info and picture quality is exactly the same as the hard copy.