hard impact! knee to m. quadriceps femoris

Four months ago I had a serious injury of my quadriceps femoris. Playing basketball I got this punch in the middle of the right quadriceps.
Vastus lateralis, rectus femoris and vastus medialis remained ok, bud I still have somekind’a of scar bruise under vastus medialis. The size of this scare is like banana split.

What is the best way to increase circulation of this region and to remove this scar.
I was very lazy and did nothing with this all this time. All I did is everyday running and basics…

and yea, I could barely walk normaly after the injuy. for two monts mussle was shorten than usualy was.
today I can workout normaly, and mussle lenght is ok.

tnx in advance.

Probably calcified. Get an x-ray to confirm or rule out. If it is there is not much to be done as long as you have function.