Hard Copy of Speed Trap! Calgary

I am in Calgary right now, was looking for bargains in used books and found a hard copy of Speed Trap. I have one, and am in Europe, not easy to send something like that, so I left it on the shelf.

So, for guys in Calgary who want a hard copy, in good shape, it is at Annie’s Books, on 16th ave N.W., between 8 and 10 st. Close to you, nightmare! She wants 12.50 for it, a real bargain. It is in the sports section.

i see if i can get up there and grab it today…ill send it to the “gold club”.

nice to meet you the other day carson. it was totally cool of you to take time from your “vacation” to drop by and do some shopping!

i picked it up this morning, thanks carson!!! after i re-read it, it will be available to customers here at the store for SHORT term lending. if you are a good customer, i may lend you my autographed copy of CFTS aswell.


It was good to meet you and shoot the ****. Thanks for your advice etc. regarding supps.

Glad to help out with the book. But If you really value your other copy, DON’T be lending it out!!

i will hold on to this copy but will start checking the used book stories around town for another copy or 2. the next one is yours clemson!!!

That U2U was regarding a therapist in the Ontario area as I thought that you or your athlete would be in the area. It was one or two weeks ago.