Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends and neighbors.

It’s a big day in the USA today. I know that families gather and travel from all over.

I have many wonderful friends and family who live and reside and work in the US.

I also know many American coaches and athletes I used to run with whom I think of and had lots of good time with.

The United States has been on my mind a great deal with the US election going on and I’ve taken great interest on behalf of my friends and family who live there but also as a proud Canadian. As neighbors we will both benefit and potentially feel the negative effects of change no matter what happens.

When I first started running Track I also looked forward to running track meets at Cobo Hall in Detroit Michigan. I loved going to Detroit to run in that particular track meet and I also enjoyed going across the boarder to visit my extended family. Many of those family members still live in the surrounding areas and are a great bunch of people. (The Coon family rocks)

CharlieFrancis.com also has many forum members and customers who live, work and were born in the United States. Thank you all of your continued interest and support since we began this journey in 2000.

From my family to yours I hope your Thanksgiving is the best yet and you are all well, safe and practicing gratefulness for our good fortunes. Canada and the US are fantastic countries to be citizens of.

Bless you all.


Angela Coon