Happy Thanksgiving from CharlieFrancis.com

Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors in the United States of America.

A few facts about the role the United States of America has played in the lives of Angela Coon and the late Charlie Francis who co founded www.charliefrancis.com in 2000.

Charlie’s late mother Helen Merrick Francis was born and raised in Annapolis Maryland. She met Charlie’s father at the IceCapades as Charlie’s father ( James Blake Francis born and raised in Toronto Canada) was a professional ice dancer and later a professional fine artist.

Charlie’s maternal grandfather was a department head of history at the USA Naval Academy.

Helen, Charlie’s mom went to Ohio Wesleyan University and became a kindergarten teacher in Toronto after Charlie and his only sibling Barry entered school.

Charlie was on an track scholarship to Stanford and loved it. Prior to his finishing high school he spent his final year at an all boys private school and the brothers there recommended he attend the US school. Charlie has spoken about his experiences in detail in “Speed Trap” sold here and on Amazon.

My late father Joseph Paul Coon was an American citizen due to his father Gerald Coon born and raised in Detroit ( Dearborn Michigan).

My family on the Coon side are members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. DAR. To have become members your family must have been able to prove your family had a role in USA independence.

I’ve posted on cf.com Facebook page a painting of James Francis, Charlie’s father and a painting of Helen Merrick Francis (Charlie’s mom) in which Charlie’s father painted.

Wishing all of our American extended family and friends Happy Thanksgiving and all the best during the upcoming Holiday Season.

I’m not connected to the USA in any way but I think that Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to thank the people in our lives that matter.

So Ange, the deepest thanks to you and to Charlie for all the lessons since 1991. Thank you for your kind, generous and giving spirit.
Thank you for being so loyal to us throughout the years.

A big hug to you and James
Nick x

I appreciate your kind words of support and gratefulness NickP.

I am so grateful for the work Charlie did his entire life for James and I and others to continually benefit from.

Meeting Charlie and knowing him and loving him has changed my life forever.

I’ve done nothing but maintain the bulk of what he accomplished to preserve his information at least to the extent to give context for others finding their way in speed and power sport.

Big hugs back ;). ( someone please tell me why I can’t have emojis’ on this damn site the same way my iPhone can)

Works with Windows 10 on my laptop. :05.18-flustered:
But not on my smartphone

Yeah but not the way i want the emoji’s to work as they do from my i phone… the software is not universal for emoji’s but I want it to be.

Ask the software supplier of this site what browsers they are compatible with, using emojis as an example. And more importantly are they aligning with new browser versions.
If not, there is a risk the site will demonstrate more and more glitches over time.

Thanks Oldbloke.