Happy New Year From CharlieFrancis.com

It has been a challanging year for my family but
Your words, wisdom and support have pushed me forward many times in the past several months.
Your ideas and thoughts about training have been interesting and thoughtful.
Thank-you to the moderators for without you this forum might not exsist today.
On behalf of James and myself we wish all of you the very best in 2011.
Cheers to all of you,

Best wishes for 2011 for you and James, Ange!!!
Thank You for continuing this board, and spreading sources of wisdom and knowledge. There are many things about this site that contribute to the necessity of coming back, again and again and again… I hope this goes on until forever :), with the memory of a truly great man who we all admire and still learn from.
All the best, and hugs to you.

Happy New Year From CharlieFrancis.com

Thank-you for your patience while the site was down making further improvements to operate the site.

Warm holiday wishes


Take care Ange, as always but more so these days our thoughts and best wishes for a much better year are strongly with You and James.

Happy New Year to all members! All the best to James and you, Angela!

Happy New Year, everyone.

Happy New Year to All:)