Happy New Year 2017

Sport has played the most wonderful role in my life.

For more than 2 decades my late husband and I have opened our home, work and life to coaches, athletes and other interested people seeking knowledge from our experiences and adventures in sport.

Combined, Charlie and I have shared 60 years of our athletic learning and knowledge to the world via this forum which we have managed and participated in.

Careers have continued, thrived and started from the contacts, lessons and information generated @charliefrancis.com.

CharlieFrancis.com has set a standard of excellence independent of advertising since 2000.

Cheers to moving ahead, hoping for more and different to continue this archived site moving into another fantastic year.

Thank you to each of you for your hope and dreams and continued support. I would not be able to do this without you.

I am grateful.

Best wishes now and moving ahead.


Happy new year!

Happy new year ange and young james! thanks for keeping this wonderful site alive

Thanks Flash and X-Man.

It’s been my pleasure and mission more than ever to keep this archived site alive and well.

I’ve been out of commission most of the holiday but starting to feel back to normal just in time to get back into my schedule.

I appreciate your support guys as the past 6 plus years have been interesting and it’s finally exciting looking ahead.

Many of you have been an important reason I’ve kept Charlie’s info around.

One of the most rewarding aspects of having kept this site post Charlie has been the emails from people telling me it’s the best information for sprinting any place online or otherwise. There is no need to reinvent the wheel for those with trust and knowledge of Charlie’s story.

James will be 18 years old in Feb 2017 and he will finish high school.

Charlie and I began this site when James was just 1.

Cheers again with thanks and see all of you around online. best, Ange

Happy new year Ange and also thanks for keeping the site alive. I agree, it is the best site for anything sprinting and some of the archived posts are just gems.