Happy birthday to David W

Another year older…another step closer to the grave … :smiley:

Happy B-day…

Cheers guys.

Happy birthday David,

Hope you enjoy your day…


Happy Birthday

um late post :eek:

one year late :smiley:

Happy B-dya big man - (yeh late also! woops!)

Feliz Cumpleanos!! A Day Late and a Dollar Short!! My mistake!!

It is his birthday today, is it not?

P.S. Then I’m the first on this site to publicly wish him a happy bday for 2004!

So I’m watching one of my Muhammad Ali documentries. THe commentry goes, ‘… world champion at 22. At 24 this is the greatest AT his greatest (Vs Cleveland Williams)…’. :frowning: Shit, I’m well past it.

Hey man I’m your generation too and Merlene Ottey has just given me hope too !!!


Which one is it - ‘When we were Kings’?

Strength doesn’t decrease till after your 30 or so its been claimed. Your testosterone peaks at age 18 but doesn’t go down until your in your late 50’s early 60’s. :cool: