Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

Dear Charlie,

We hope you have a great Birthday. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into helping us out here on the site.


Yes Mr. Francis, we all appreciate what you do with the website to make your coaching methods available to us all and may you have many, many, many more birthdays to look forward to. Now get out there and party it up like you just turned 21…

The birthday of a genius. Thanks for all the help!

Have a happy birthday!!!

Yes, happy birthday! Charlie contributes regularly to the ongoing education of any coaches who come to this site with open minds. I appreciate all of the efforts he has put in to helping everyone here that wants to improve their performances in all aspects of coaching/training.

Happy Birthday!! 30 years old as well!!:slight_smile:

Happy Birthday. Thanks for all your help!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Happy birthday Charlie and many many more years in health and prosperity!

Happy birthday!!
Thanks for everything you are teaching me (us,the world :slight_smile: )

Happy birthday and best wishes for many more!

Thanks for the time, effort and expertise you put into this forum.

Happy Birthday Charlie,

Thanks for all your help and for putting this forum together.



Happy B’day Big man. Hope you had a good day. Greeting to the family and one life and prosperity.

Happy Birthday Charlie. May God bless you with many more. Also, thanks for all the help.

Happy B Day Charlie…keep it real.

Happy Birthday Charlie

Charlie F.!

happy birthday charlie and have a great day

Happy Birthday Charlie!
(Where are you,Rupert? We need a virtual playboy party here soon…)

Feliz Cumpleanos, Charlie!!