hamstring recovery

I used the search function, but I could not find the thread on the definitive hamstring recovery. Could someone please post a link this. My trainer said that I have about a 1.5 grade hamstring pull. From your guys experience what is the average recoverey time before someone is ready to run a race again .

there is no “definitive” thread… just a lot of various talk on a ubiquitous subject. you will have to look at a lot of different threads using the search.

active regeneration with lots of short accels is one way of keeping your season somewhat intact as soon as inflamation has died down somewhat.
I’d say within a month of the inj, you can start workouts - any competition within a month from then.

the 100m requires a lot of accel, the 200 less and the 400 even less… maybe forget the 100 ;til more complete recovery.

CF can be more specific if you do a private consult.

Everyone recovers different. Could be 4-8 weeks. If there is a palpable divot and bruising in the next couple days looking at closer to 8 weeks for the tissue to “heal”.
Things like compression sleeves can allow you to do some things you may not be able when you are not wearing it. You don’t want to push it too fast cause this injury could hinder you for a long time if pushed.
The other is get checked by a chiro or PT to determine if you have a rotated innominate (pelvis).
This is a likely cause of the hamstring injury.


After a hamstring injury should speed work be gradually introduced through hill work so that the hamstring isn’t in as vulnerable position as flat running?