hamstring recovery ideas

One of my top guys coming back from a pro football try out has been deffered for a few months until his hamstring is 100%.
My ideas are active regeneration - with his continued rehab and on the track repeats of 10m’s and then increasing disatnce twice a week.
As increase in distance to become more active with stepping over and clawing the track.

Any suggetsions

I would do exactly what you suggested. You know what your doing. Also from my experience, When your athlete is confident and able to accelerate out to 30 meters pain free before you move him out to 40 and 50 meters where real transitioning takes places and puts most of the stress on the hams you may want to have him do easy buildups at that distance starting at 50 going all the way out to 80 getting faster as he goes if he feels comfortable.
To sum up what I have said I think taking a sort of both ends to the middle approach is the most safe and best way to go. Acells starting with 10 meters increasing to 30m @95-100%. Followed by Gradual buildups over 80 meters going down in distance and getting faster each session or week.
If I wasnt clear let me know.
Hope this has helped.

There’s a big difference between stepping over and down and “clawing the track”. The only way you can claw the track is if you have a prolonged ground contact due to your hips being low. Low hips equals slower times and more injuries

Charlie - my coach and friend (do not want to say his name here) - who is an associate of yours has always emphasized clawing the track.
What you are sugessting is just stepping over knee than down. straight down? Like with force or relaxation.

I’d say straight down with relaxation- the force follows strength and ability (and, of course, hip height). If you claw the ground, that can’t happen! Just because someone knows me doesn’t mean I agree with them.

Can clawing lead to increased hamstring stress/injuries?

There’s no doubt about it!!

And calf and achilles?

Not really sure what to think about the injury potential there, but anything that reduces the natural elastic response of relaxed sprinting will have repercussions, if not directly, indirectly as undue fatigue sets in late in the race.

Injuries and bad form. Beginners who try to learn to “claw or tigers paw” LOL :slight_smile: will often overstride. The result you get dusted in your race then you tense up and go even slower. I have a very very old video tape of myself doing this same thing. At 80m I said to myself f*ck this claw shit. I lifted my hips and dropped the hammer and caught a few guys at the tape.

Question for charlie,

With beginners,is it possible for them to under stride when they are learning how to “step over” properly?

Charlie - was not saying you agree with him, just did not want to mention his name and have people question his knowledge.

Thanks to everyone for the help

"…easy buildups at that distance starting at 50 going all the way out to 80 getting faster as he goes if he feels comfortable. "
Quikazhell: (or others)
Could you describe this for me… I want to see if Joe is able to get in some speed work, transitioning out of the short accel reps… sounds good - what exactly are easy buildups at 50 - 80m?
I imagine it is different from basic accel/maxV/relaxed form runs.

We have 4 weeks to time trials (uastf jr) and we are aiming at 4x100 and 200 if poss.