Halo2 for XBOX

I recently played (and finished Halo2) for XBOX.

This game is great. For those who know the Halo story, you take on the role of “The Master Chief” with a twist. Without ruining it for everyone, you play the role of the bad guy in this as well.

All the weapons you’d expect (and more) and a new and improved “needler” are all here. Vehical’s include an improved Warthog and various new “power toys” to wreak havoc with.

All said, its a 10. Depending on your gaming saavy, you can have this title wrapped up in about 7-10 hours.

*Games in progress are Half-Life 2 (PC) and Prince of Persia 2 (The Warrior Within xbox). Watch for the updates.

Happy Holidays

Halo 2 is indeed a fine game, I found the story to be enjoyable, although the ending left me unsatisfied.

online play is set up nicely, although the duel wielding makes the need for accuracy less important, and heaven help you if you get caught with only one weapon

I await your comments on Prince of Persia

One complaint I heard from almost everyone I know who’s played Halo 2 is that the game is way too short. What is your opinion on that Rupert?

Halo2 is very short. But considering all it offers, the budget to extend it problably didn’t exist.

Good game. But its no prince of persia 2.

Rupert do you play half life over the internet?

I have a question about the end of Halo 2. I’m gonna try not to ruin it, but after you beat Tartarus (sp) and then it shows a clip of stuff happening (not gonna ruin it) and then another clip of the woman ( the digital blue looking one, im really bad with names) talking to that weird creature thing is the game over? Cuz it seems to me that there would be more to play, and I thought my xbox might have messed up cuz it made a weird noise and then the screen turned black and it brought me back ot the main menu. Then when I clicked resume it brought me way back into the game to a checkpoint that was no where near the end.

Mister C

The end of Halo indeed shows your “portable assistant” speaking to one of the creatures in the game (I was about to say movie, its that good!).

As for going back to the last save you made on resume, I think this is a behaviour of the game.

This last scene of coarse also opens up the door to Halo 3.

Ok good, I just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing out anything good. And yeah, it does really open the door up for a Halo 3. Thanks.

I’m still not impressed with Halo’s multiplayer. Co-op is the only way to go. Why? One simple reason. Balance. There is no weapon balance in the multiplayer mode. Six chimps in a dark closet with two flashlights, a rubber band, and a jar of mayo would have made a a more balanced multiplay, than Bungee did in Halo 2.