Hadron particle collider

How fast can a man sprint down a Black Hole? We may be about to find out when they crank this beast into life in Switzerland: The large Hardon particle collider:eek:


There gonna have usain bolt run the 200m with this thing ? lolllllll

In 92 in Barcelona I bumped into Haseley Crawford and asked for his prediction on the men’s 100m. He said: "The 100 is all about mass and momentum: so Linford Christie or Leroy Burrell will win it.’’

But if this machine can do something super weird like eliminate mass, what then? New world order: Haseley’s formula is out the window :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, they hope that if they can understand what mass is, then it could pioneer affordable space travel because at the moment it costs around $10,000 per kilogram to put something into space. And they (err, at least one scientist I know) reckon that the mass of 95% of the universe is missing, unexplained.

KK, did you watch Sunrise this morning too??

So it becomes active on the 10th September??

Usain wants to run it before then…it could be the end of the world!

Does he still get credit for a world record if there is no longer a world :confused:

That depends on where this world goes. Does it still exist in a ‘black hole’ or if it becomes a ‘black hole’…???

there will be a world. the talk about it creating a black hole was made in the early 1900’s some time, and not too long later dismissed as total garbage.

Usain will have time