Just to return to the whole area of water and hydration.

How important is it actually??!?!!

Obviously staying properly hydrated is important - but how important.

A high school coach I know of is spending lots of time getting his athletes to drink water like its going out of fashion. A litre at a time.

He is weighing guys pre at half time and after soccer matches and trying to get to keep their hydration levels up.
Now that would be fine and understandable if we’re in Mexico, but we’re in Ireland and it’s actually at freezing point outside!

I’m puzzled - if a gram of Carb is roughly equal to 3 grams of water weight then is weighing someone not stupid?

Obviously if carbs/glycogen are consumed then water is dispelled from the muscle ? no?

One other thing :
What is the limit? At what point do we start to consume too much water? And begin to push electrolytes out of the gut too fast?

I would prefer this strategy actually rather the other way round (de-hydration). And the cold weather isn’t an excuse for me -as it isn’t the water for swimmers, for example.
However, if it’s plain water, you may have a problem with electrolytes, yes…

I appreciate that Nik, true.

My question is though - at what point is a person consuming too much water … with that approach there is no upper limit

Watch out for bloating. No point in downing a litre of water if it means half the team gets stomach cramps in the second half.

Sorry, FC, I have no answer/opinion on this!
Interesting question though…

I just fill up a gallon bottle of watter and sip on it throughout the day. That way you have it constantly all the time and don’t have to worry about drinking a bunch of water at once and then feeling bloated. I find it works well.