H20 Loss after TRAINING

Question for the board…

Last Wednesday I weighed 182.0 after training
I did a circuit session and today before training I weighed 185lbs.

That’s 3lbs of H20, is that bad?


Kenny Mac~~~~

No its not bad. Could be water, could be what you ate prior, could be that you did or didnt go to the bathroom. Many options. I myself fluctuate between 2 and 4 pounds. Sometimes I weight myself and Im 152 and sometimes 155.

Thanks because I was super mad at my weight.
I am in the process I trying to get down to
170lbs by Jan '06… Any Ideals for weight loss?

Supplements, any out there good for FAT LOSS

It’s strange because I have been doing a lot of
conditioning type of training.

Kenny Mac~~~

Basically Calories in vs. Calories out man. You know the deal. Go to John Berardis site I think its best as far as sports nutrition. Also search around t-nation. As far as supps. for weight loss most are crap. However I have heard good things about biotest Hot Rox but dont take my word for it.

Thanks I’ll check that out here soon.

Depending on how hot it is, I sometimes fluctuate between 155-160. As long as I stay well hydrated and eat properly I don’t worry about such fluctuations. If I dropped somethink like 10 pounds and didn’t gain it back, then I’d start to worry.

If your training is sound, you are going to have to tighten up/adjust your diet. Start with the obvious/high level adjustments if you have any to make, i.e. cut out sugar, junk food, fast food, liquids other than milk, water, tea, and protein shakes.

Calories in vs. calories out is very true on a basic level, but there are far too many exceptions to say that “a calorie is a calorie is a calorie” (Quik - I know you didn’t say or mean this specifically). Once you make the high level adjustments mentioned above, you might want to continue by adjusting your macronutrient ratios. Without looking at your current specific diet, my GUESS is that you would benefit from reducing your carbs, and/or switching to more complex, low GI carbs. Everyone is different, but I do wonderful on a low-carb diet - not only for fat loss, but for all around health as well. A high carb diet might work for some, but I truly believe many athletes would benefit all around from reducing their carb intake, how much depends on your own metabolism. If you ever get tired, sleepy, light-headed, or hungry soon after a meal, or have trouble “filling up” something is off on the macronutrient ratios appropriate for YOU.

The cleaner my diet, the less food I need to stay satisfied and with high energy levels. Clean FOR ME means: NO sugar AT ALL, very little grains, TONS of veggies, lots of fruit, and lots of raw dairy, free-range meat and eggs, fiber and lots of good fat (organic butter, cod liver oil, coconut oil and olive oil). I also try and eat organic whenever possible. Its easier said then done, but when I eat like this my energy levels and strength go through the roof, I shred fat off my body, and my eczema, asthma and allergies disappear. Unfortunately, I don’t have the discipline or life situation (ok, that’s an excuse) to do this 100% of the time.

Really? you’re an athlete and you can manage to pull off a low-carb diet… My diet is very similar to yours with regards to good fats and veggies with a few exceptions. I rarely eat fruit and I carb up large with the grains(rye, barley, oats).

BTW, what is organic butter? is it made from non-hormone injected cows. I’ve been looking for some good butter but everything in the stores is all commercial stuff.

I’m an athlete in a loose sense of the word - beer and rec. leagues, pickup games, working out on my own, and any little thing I come across in my daily routine that I can somehow pervert into a competition.

Yes, I do pull off a low-carb diet rather well. My diet still has carbs in it, its just “low” relative to what I would consider a normal or common diet. A couple things to consider: I’ve controlled my carb intake for years now, so my body is “used to” it. I also have a metabolism that just does plain better on lower carbs and higher fat and protein. When I am being strict with my diet, I will usually throw in a day or two per week to carb-up, mainly for variation and to prevent insanity. Interesting to note that my carb-up days, even if they are clean carbs, are by FAR my lowest energy days of the week. If I eat less fruit I will even dip into ketosis for days in a row, and I STILL have more energy in ketosis than on a day where I eat more carbs than normal. Lowering your carbs is not for everyone, but I am willing to bet that ANYONE who is overweight, has low energy levels, over-active appetite problems, or any auto-immune disorders would benefit from at least experimenting with various degrees of carb-restriction. Not as many, but still quite a few, of the athletes on this board might even benefit from reducing their carbs a bit - probably by doing what it sounds like you do Blinky. By limiting your carbs to unprocessed, natural sources.

Yes, organic butter is just regular butter that follows the rules of “organic” - no hormones, anti-biotics, GMOs, etc. Even better if it comes from grass fed animals. I either buy mine at Whole Foods Market (not sure if they have those in your area) or on the web. Just do a search and you will find tons of places.