GWB vs JFK $$$$$

ok Guys - I ain’t knocking anyones elses election or anything - but the one thing that has really shocked me is the figures that both GWB and JFK are going to spend on their elections in the US this year.

What I’d like to know is - how do you guys who will be actually voting feel about the whole thing?

Should there not be a cap on the spending?

HAHA…oh man for some reason when I looked at that post I immediatley thought George Washington Bridge and JFK Airport.
True New Yorker right here!!!

I don’t feel great about it, because a great deal of that money will be going to John F. Kerry and President Bush from people that expect favors in return.

Republicans do tend to raise a lot of smaller donations - less than $1000, mainly from people who are just ideologically attuned to Republicans. They have superb grassroots contacts amongst ordinary people. The Democrats aren’t as well established in that area, yet.

But don’t let the rhetoric fool you. Both candidates will take enormous amounts of corporate money.

But, guess what, that is politics. If Kerry raises millions from these interests, Bush has to match him and vice versa. I have yet to hear a reasonable alternative to our present campaign finance system that does not trample on free speech rights.