I have a friend in Australia he said this drug is great for high blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. Any feedback - not interested in taking blood pressure drugs.

It is banned by WADA and potentially dangerous. Has been shown to cause cancer in animals.

I thought the studies were done over 2-4yrs with very high amounts 300-400mgs? Is it anymore dangerous then the drugs our doctors give us for high blood pressure?

Great job with blood pressure, resting heart rate, and increasing hrv scores!!

Everything taken in high doses is dangerous. It is cheap. I say give it a shot.

Almost done taking it.


Listed them above.

robin1, I remember reading about you doing a 10 day fast last November or December, IIRC.
What did you learn/experience? Maybe start a thread about it. I’d love to read about it. I’ve done many 48 hour ones and plan to do a 72 hour one every month or so as well.

The longest fast I’ve ever done was 5 days. It was not a complete fast, but limited to about 200 cal of fat and protein per day. It helped a lot with my achilles tendinopathy, and I obviously lost some weight. My experience has been that I lose mainly glycogen/water (ie transient weight loss) for the first two days of a fast, and after that I lose about 0.5kg per day, which is largely fat.

Thats the only benefits you got? How long did you take it, how long until you felt something. Did BP drop immediately? Are you planning on taking forever or breaks?

4 weeks 20mgs before training. It took 1-2 weeks to fully kick in. Nothing crazy - workouts were a little faster etc for example warmup use to take 30mins i was able to complete in 20-25, 400’s was probably easier. Bp didn’t drop until the 3rd week and no not planning on taking it again. I may run an experiment on my lab rats…

Those are some serious benefits - resting hr dropped by 5-8, and hrv up 5pts in <4 weeks.

The cardio benefits alone make it worth it. 4 weeks and it’s just kicking in.

Normally I’m always on the low end of things, I try to take the lowest amounts for fewest number of weeks. I would have gone 10mgs if I wasn’t taking it for only 4 weeks.

Supposed to do 10mg twice a day. Half life

My guy told me the half life was 12-24 and I would be fine taking once daily vs something like sr9009 should be dose 2x daily. My main goal was to test it on my blood pressure. My pre race cocktail will give me everything i need from a performance standpoint.

Nice. Thanks for sharing.