What do you guys think are some general guidelines to follow as far as different types of workouts? Everyone has different guidelines, so let’s hear it.

In your response include distances for each rep, volume (min and max), rest, and purpose (alactic anaerobic system, strength endurance, etc.). All for the following:

Int. Tempo
Ext. Tempo
Speed (all aspects)
Speed Endurance
Running A’s
Long Bounds

And if you want throw in some sample workouts to go along with it. I know I’m not the only one not 100% sure about these things so let’s get a discussion going.

I know certain things depend on phase so if you want to specify that, too, go for it.

I hope this comes out right. But is a table I use to look at when planning, I also use the table that is in the USTAF book.

[Terminology “Length
of Run” Component and description of objective Energy System “% of best
performance” Rest
Reps Sets

Extensive Tempos <200m Aerobic Capacity (AC) Aerobic <69% <45 secs 2 minutes
>100m Aerobic Power (AP) Aerobic 70-79% 30-90 secs 2-3 minutes
Intensive Tempos >80m “Anaerobic Capacity (ANP)
Lactic acid Capacity” “Mixed Aerobic/
Anaerobic” 80-89% 30secs - 5 minutes 3-10 minutes

Speed 20-80m “Speed (S)
Anaerobic Power
Alactic acid strength” “Anaerobic
alactic” “90-95%
95-100%” “3-5 minutes
3-5 minutes” “6-8 minutes
6-8 minutes”
30-80m “Alactic short speed endurance (ASSE)
Anaerobic power
Alactic acid capacity” “Anaerobic
alactic” “90-95%
95-100%” “1-2 minutes
3-5 minutes” “5-7 minutes
7-10 minutes”

Speed Endurance <80m “Glycolytic short speed endurance (GSSE)
Anaerobic capacity
Anaerobic power
Lactic acid capacity” “Anerobic
glycolytic” “90-95%
95-100%” “1 minute
1 minute” “3-4 minutes
4 minutes”
80-150m “Speed Endurance (SE)
Anaerobic power
Lactic acid strength” “Anerobic
glycolytic” “90-95%
95-100%” 5-6 minutes 6-10 minutes

Special Endurance 1 150-300m “Long speed endurance (LSE)
Anaerobic power” “Anerobic
glycolytic” “90-95%
95-100%” 10-12 minutes 12-15 minutes

Special Endurance 2 300-600m “Lactate tolerance (LAT)
Lactic acid capacity” Lactic acid tolerance “90-95%
95-100%” 15-20 minutes full

Here is the other one

Type of Training Distance Energy System % of Max. Velocity Recovery Total Distance
100m Total Distance
Extensive Tempo 100m Aerobic 60-69% 30-90sec 1400-3000m 1800-3000m
Extensive Tempo 200m Aerobic 70-79% 30sec-2min 1400-2000m 1800-2500m
Intensive Tempo 80m Aerobic/Anaerobic 80-90% 30sec-5min 800-1800m 800-2000m
Speed 20-80m Anaerobic 90-95% 3-5min 300-800m 300-800m
Speed 30-80m Alactic 95-100% 3-5min 300-500m 300-600m
Speed Endurance 30-80m Anaerobic 90-95% 1-2min 300-800m 300-800m
Speed Endurance 30-80m Alactic 95-100% 2-3min 300-800m 300-800m
Speed Endurance 80-150m Anaerobic 90-95% 5-6min 300-900m 600-1200m
Speed Endurance 80-150m Glycolitic 95-100% 6-10m 300-600m 400-800m
Special Endurance I 150-300m Anaerobic 90-95% 10-12min 600-900m 600-1200m
Special Endurance I 150-300m Glycolitic 95-100% 12-15min 300-1000m 300-1000m
Special Endurance II 300m-600m Lactic Acid 90-95% 15-20min 600-900m 600-1200m

Thanks very much for posting those tables DMA! I’ve been looking for something like those tables all over! Thanks again!