What do you guys think about Guggulsterone? I’ve heard some people say it’s great, and others say it doesn’t work. Have any of you tried it ? If so, what results did you get?

There are not many studies that I have read that say it work. Anyways, what are you spending your money one first. IF it does work, there are at least 5 or 6 other supplements that you would want to buy first, and then if you have money left over you would buy the fringe stuff.

I’m already buying NO2, creatine, protein , multivitamins , and glucosamine. I have enough money to buy this and try it out, so I think I’m going to give it a shot.

from an athletic standpoint what does NO2 do for you???

From my experience with it, which hasn’t been too long, I think it combines with creatine well because, to the best of my knowledge , NO2 pumps blood into the muscles being worked, while Creatine pumps more water.
I’ve been seeing great strength gains recently using NO2/ Creatine stack , but I’m not sure if the NO2 actually has much to do with this.

Save the Nitro for drag racing and add in some EFAs.

Is there a specific kind you recommend?

Where do you read your literature on studies from? Which journal, etc?

Guggalsterones come in a few varieties. The most potent are the 95% E&Z. They can help give the thyroid a boost and can help lower cholesterol.

There is a corelation between enhaning thyroid function and fast twitich muscle fibers as well as creatine uptake.

There is a fair amount of junk guggal out there as well so look for a highly standardized version not the 2.5% junk.

Tyrosine and multi vites/minerals are also beneficial for the thyroid

cojand makes some good points…

I would use Evomega EFA for my oils or Sears labs

It is actually NO (nitric not nitrous oxide - the latter is laughing gas). NO is a vasodilator so it enhances circulation including microcirculation. The arginine in the product also is a component of creatine and thus you are also providing a substrate for your body to make creatine.

Regarding EFA’s OmegaBrite has the best in terms of both potency and quality.