Groin strain - how long should it take to heal?

I strained my groin by doing normal OL training 3-4 weeks ago. There is only a little improvement now, and I have stopped training completely for 2 weeks now.

How long should I expect this to last for roughly? It’s not been painful, I would say mild pain. Is there anything that can do for it, considering that it is probably tendon rather than muscle?

Groin strains can be misdiagnosed often as many conditions display similar symptoms.

If ‘simple’ Groin strain - the similar rules apply as to hamstring.

If it’s anything else you could be in a whole other world of fun …

Sorry for being such a pain in the … but have you gotten an exact professional diagnosis?

nope just saying that because I have strained something in my groin area, guessing it’s adductor tendon. It hurts if I jog or tense my adductors by squeezing my legs together when seated.

Also have had pain along the side of my lower abs on same side (I can actually pinpoint that because it’s near the surface).

Is it possible this could be helped with treatment or will I just have to wait for healing (whatever it is) in your opinion? I assumed the latter, that’s why I haven’t been to my doctor yet.

Thanks, don’t worry about being a pain.

The reason I say what I said is that the additional pain you discribe at the lower side of the ab’s leads me along the path of thinking you may have what is refered to as a gilmores groin injury, inguinal hernia or similar lower ab hernia.

Without a personal examination I can’t diagnose any more.

Squeezing a ball with the knee = pain …
Pain easing and not so much sore on jogging, strides etc but certainly sore on sprinting …

Did you feel a pop?

Is there a slight lump?
Slight Pain on coughing?
Doing OL’s?
Lifting heavy?
Pain near the surface?

All these lead me to think hernia.

Now I don’t want to freak you out - I’m just going on what you describe.

Best see an expert on groins or a VERY GOOD PT.

Sorry I gotta go now - but I’ll check in tomorrow and see how things are with you.
And help you with any questions.

There was no pop, there is possibly a lump there but I have scarring from when I had a hernia when I was 3-4 yrs old right in the same area so it’s hard to tell.

Pain on squatting, but that was deeper in the groin. OK doing the OLs though.

I will see my doctor soon for a proper examination, hopefully a referral.

Inguinal hernia is very comon in yuong children and pregnant and post-preganant women, not just athletes.

A gilmores groin or hernia will manifest itself as pain in the groin area, though it is actually ocurring in the lower abdomen.

The lump you feel should not be scar tissue this far on - I’m guessing you’re more than 10 years old!!! and also the scar would be more rope like rather than a lump/bump.

If you are feeling pain in the low squat position and low deadlift position that’s where it is under most stress.
You may not have ‘felt’ or heard a ‘pop’, but many do.

The best thing to do is get a good doctor or physio to look at it. Many Dr.s can be very poor at it’s disgnosis though, so if you can find someone with groin injury experience it would be best if not essential.

It’s not hard to diagnose if you’re familar with it - just many doctors don’t consider it, but someone with athletic expereince would.

Best of luck Jim and drop me a line if I can help at all.