Groin Injury and EMS

I slightly reaggravated my groin and I was wondering what types of EMS treatments to use on it. Is the pulsing mode used 24 hrs post injury? And then after a few days would I switch to regular strength work (10 on 50 off)?

I’m very interested in this as well since i just did mine for the second time in the past month. :mad:

Such a pesky area to get massage on!

Whats the cause of groin injuries - many athletes seem to suffer from groin problems?

I’d like to know as well. I aggrevated mine this past weekend coming off the first curve of the 200. Can stim be appplied? Today I didnt do my workout because I felt the groin problem when I would accelerate.

I first hurt mine doing a speed change drill, and then accelerating.

Is it a flexibility thing or technique?

It was probably just fatigued since I had taken 6 jumps and ran 2 60 meter dashes before it.
It doesnt seem like anything serious but today it felt uneasy accelerating so I just did tempo. I have a big meet sat. so I am going to rest completely and take 4 advil 3x a day until then.

I’m sure stim can be applied. I don’t remember where I read it (CFTS or forum review). You can accelerate recovery by applying pulsing mode 24-48 hrs post injury or something like that. Then I’m not to sure what the suggestions were afterwards.

Groin injuries and problems covers a very wide area.

Many Groin injuries are misdiagnosed, for example abdominal injuries can manifest themselves in groin pain that is almost impossible to digtinguish from direct adductor injury.
And I’m not just talking about trigger point pain.

One reason for many adductor strains is IMO a failure to develop flexibility in the hip and adductors themselves.

While many people stretch hams religiously they often negelect the adductors or at least dont stretch them to the same degree.

Also the hamstring muscles are so closely ‘intertwined’ or rather work so closely with the adductors that adductor strains are often misdiagniosed and are actually injury to the larger bicep femoris.

Weak abdominals and genetic predisposition to herniations can also lead to a great variety of sportsmens hernias or ‘groin’ injuries particlaurly in team sports people.

Some injuries come from changes in posture lifting, for exmaple with incorrect stance, or the forward lean etc.

These are just a few examples.

As for EMS - yes can be used - as can ice but the obvious rules about keeping the pads well away from ‘Big Jim and the Twins’ apply!!

I’ve tried to shock Big Jim and the twins back to life. But it didn’t work out too well… pad placement is difficult.

I used stim last night and it got the right spot.
thanx for the idea fellaz.

Anybody think that leg swings can aggravate a groin injury?? Especially the ones across the body that alot of people use for warm-up. I think they could be the culprit for me, especially if my warm-up is half-assed and I’m not fully warm before doing them.

Blinky I could see those bothering the groin very easily if you do them first, I usually do/have my clients do a movement based dynamic warm up (jog/side shuffle/spider/etc…) followed by the leg swings front/side and then torso work which I would all categorize as dynamic flexibility which should be done before a workout but not before your somewhat warm.

Good Point!

Then you can try microcurrent on specific site/point for all night or many hours!