Grip Issues

I was wondering if anyone had advice regarding improving lifting grip.

I’ve been struggling with grip issues for sometime now, I’m not talking about with the wrist or anything, though I use to have those as well but have corrected them (only occured in bench), but lately I’ve become quite concerned with my grip strength in general.

I can barelly overhand grip deadlift 275x6 due to grip issues and cannot get 315, when changing to an alternate grip I can go up to 385, however I still miss any higher due to grip issues. My main concern is my overhand grip as I think it is starting to effect my cleans. I have tried the hook grip but it also fails to add any weight to my lifts and gives me pain due to a previous tear in the lower part of my thumb.

My question is are there any exercises I could perform that would aid my grip or should I start using wraps and/or gloves during my cleans and deadlifts?

-Magnesium Carbonate (gym chalk)- this will make a huge difference in your grip

-Liquid Chalk from Xtreme Forumlations (kinda sucks but it’s better than nothing)

You could use straps but be careful in case you lose a clean and have straps attached.

If you want to train grip strength, you could look at the Captains of Crush grippers. But I’d see if you can use chalk as it’s an instant fix.

Thick bar deads?
Thick bar Pullups?

DeFranco has some good info on grip work on his site… Pinching plates, captain of crush grippers, Wrist roller, etc… Chalk helps though!

Hook grip + chalk

I’m not an accomplished deadlifter, but I recall reading this recently. Perhaps it will help. It’s written by Rickey Dale Crain and comes from

"The arms are straight, and the bar lies in the fingers, like it is holding a hook. Thumb should be overlapping one or two of the first two fingers.

The bar should “not” be squeezed. Rather, it should just lay in the fingers/hand. Only the thumb should be flexed, or squeezed, not the hands, not the forearm. If this is done incorrectly, most likely, the bar on a very hard pull will slip out of the hands. Also if the hands are rotated as you grip the bar, it will most likely slip out as the weight pulls down, and pulls the rotated hands back to a straight up and down position. One does not have to have a strong grip to hold onto large amounts of weight. I have a very poor grip and grip strength and have never lost a deadlift, i.e. 716 at 165lbs."

In addition to what everyone has said which are all suggestions I would suggest you check out diesel crew’s website. They are to grip work what is to sprint training. That is what these guys are all about! is cool as well. They got a shitload of toys you may be interested in. We have quite a few of them at our facilty. Aside from that even if you do not have the toys do what everyone has mentioned using fat bar, towel pullups, plate pinches, farmers walks, BB Holds for time the combinations are endless. Be creative! Just make sure you are working all the different types of grip (crushing, supporting, twisting etc.)

Thanx a lot everyone definately have a lot of good ideas now, I’m sure this will help me out greatly.