Greene sets his sights on capturing a fourth world-100m title

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Greene sets sights on world title

Gatlin beats Obikwelu (centre) and Greene to the line in Athens
Maurice Greene aims to wipe out the pain of losing his Olympic 100m title in Athens by winning a fourth World Championship crown this summer.
He had to settle for bronze in Greece behind fellow American Justin Gatlin and Francis Obikwelu of Portugal.

“It really hurts to look at that medal. It was my mistake. I lost because of the things I did,” said Greene, who races in Birmingham on Friday.

“It’s never going to happen again. My goal - I’m going to win the worlds.”

Greene crossed the line just 0.02 seconds behind Gatlin, who won in 9.87 seconds in one of the closest and fastest sprints of all time.

But Greene believes he lost the race and his title in the semi-finals.

"In my semi-final race, I should have won the race but I was conserving energy.’’

"That’s when Francis Obikwelu came up and I took third because I didn’t know he was there.’’

"I believe that’s what put me in lane seven in the final and, while I was in lane seven, I couldn’t feel anything in the race.’’

"I just felt like I was running all alone.’’

“I believe if I was in the middle of the race I would have been able to react to people that came ahead of me.”

Greene was also denied Olympic gold in the 4x100m men’s relay when he could not catch Britain’s Mark Lewis-Francis on the final leg.

The Kansas star is set to go head-to-head with Lewis-Francis again at Friday’s Norwich Union Grand Prix.

The pair contest the 60m, the distance over which Greene currently holds the world record of 6.39 seconds.

He then has another indoor meeting in France before resuming training for the outdoor season and the task of recapturing his world title in Helsinki in August.

Greene believes Gatlin will again prove the biggest threat to his ambitions in Finland.

But he also admits he faces more than one rival for the world crown.

“There’s always someone else coming. I think when I was coming up I would say there was me and Ato (Boldon) in the young crowd,” Greene said.

“Now you’ve got about five or six young guys coming up at the same time.”

I thought he retired. I am glad he is still running. The longer the better.

I believe Maurice Greene would have won the olympics in 2004 had he not had a previous motor cycle injury. That being said I would put my money on Greene this time!

here we go again.MG mouthing off when it ain’t gona happen.jason gardner as also mouthing off about breaking the 60WR and now hes just contented with retaining his euro title.why can’t these guys just do the talking on the track this is what i admired about BJ he didn’t talk crap he just ran like hell

mo you were never at the races so just realise that you were beat by better prepaired athletes period!

Ben Johnson, a picture sends a thousand words but only one message, “I am number one and better than you and the whole world knows it including you!” This is what I got from BJ’s raising his finger and coasting the last 20m, then you see the reaction Carl had on his!

I also can consider MG’s tongue swagger as, “I am hungry and its time for the king of the jungle to take his noon meal!”

Different personalities different people. Not everyone can be self focused in that way. Some people need to psyche themselves and psyche others out. Thats what makes sport interesting. Let Mo talk and bring some publicity for the sport and build up a show down. The sport needs more challenges more “jump-offs”. As long as its all clean. Let them talk eventually they will have to walk the walk

Bump that.