GREENE expects WR

By Gene Cherry
RALEIGH, North Carolina, Jan 24 Reuters - Maurice Greene expects to regain the 100 metres world record before the end of this year, the sprinter told Reuters today.

``I know I am (going to be),’’ the 32-year-old said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

``I know I have not done the best I can do,’’ added Greene, who grabbed the world record with a 9.79-second clocking at Athens in 1999.

Jamaican Asafa Powell lowered the mark to 9.77 seconds in 2005 and twice equalled the standard last year.

Injuries sidelined Greene for most of 2006.
He will race for the first time in 10 months on February 2 when he competes over 60 metres in the 100th anniversary Millrose Games at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

``I know this year is going to be one of the best years I’ve had,’’ he said.

For anyone who thinks that’s just an ageing sprinter talking, just wait, Greene said.

``I’ll show them what I am talking about,’’ he said.

The focus will be on regaining the world record and winning the 100 metres at Osaka’s world championships in August.

``Millrose will probably be the only indoor race,’’ said Greene.

``The most important thing is the world championships this year, and I expect to win that.’’

He holds the 60 metres world record at 6.39 seconds, but the talkative Greene would not predict a time for Millrose since he just started speed work last week.

``I am going to win, that’s all I care about,’’ he said. ‘’(But) I will make it special.’’

Maybe he expects the 9.7 to disappear? Because it’s been six years since he looked like bettering his own 9.79.

I’m a huge Greene fan, this would be wonderful for the 100m event if his predictions came true, as Asafa was completely dominate last season.

This is quite cocky of Greene, but I don’t expect anything less, should make for a good season.

i simply think that he is the GOAT. No question!

Asafa is on a good way, but he hasnt achieved much so far and it seems that he doesnt have to compete against other great competitions…

That would be the best point to retire - World champion 2007…

But i honestly dont think he can do that :frowning:

Lets see…

Anyway, the duell between him and Asafa would be great for the sport!

Hah I love how everyone makes statements about how awesomely amazing they are going to be before each season. I still remember when Dwayne Chamgers and Robert “Blast Off” Esmie were saying they were going to run some ridiculous time.
I guess you gotta get the buzz going somehow though.

Yes Mo is surely going to run sub 9.60 in 07!

Oh god, I love to see him run, but I hate to hear him talk all this bs.
Can’t help it, I still believe action speaks louder than words and he did not deliver much action except for his good performance in Athens 2004.

getting sniped for bronze?

and then failing to run down fat fatterson in the 4x1?

hardly vintage mo green. still alot better than 05&06.

On the other hand, when looking at his overall career, there still seems to have been much more action than talking.

Fastest ever 60m, 6.39. 6 or the 7 fastest 60m sprints ever recorded. Former world record holder 9.79 and Olympic Champion. Ran under 10 seconds more times than any other sprinter. He’s 32 this season, there has been sprinters known to run PB in their 30s, so you never really know. It doesn’t really seem like he’s working up to a personal best, but you never really know.

id love to see him make a successful comeback but i doubt he can do all he says. anyway go mo! sprintings been too quiet recently

He certainly will be if he makes good on his claim.

Not quite as good as Olympic Champion in 2008.

Plz don’t get me wrong, I do not question his outstanding career. But the action-talk ration was getting very imbalanced in recent years - it’s the usual “old men’s effect”. It ends in talking only :wink:

Recent seasons were more like: “Dixit, venit, …and got carried off the track”

In the best case former sprinters become trainers. In the worst case they only keep themselves in the media by useless talk. I guess the world could do without the “opinions” of the retired MJs and Atos…

Is is possible? would love to see the fastest dude on earth be from KC, MO. I do wish he would slow the talk a bit. I enjoy trash talk but Powell is not easily intimidated and, Oh yeah :wink: …he is kinda fast

It sounds as if he is using a long to short. Could that have anything to do with his age and his recent struggle with more injuries.

ALso, general question about sprinters like Mo, Devers. What happens physiologically that keep them from being able to maintain top speed? I watched Devers in Athens and she got out fast as always but could not maintain. Is this a trait that comes with age?
(if this is a post jacking, tell me. I will move that question elsewhere.)

YES!!! Gonna be awesome

NEW YORK, Feb 1, 2007 (AFP) - Maurice Greene, the 2000 Olympic 100m gold medallist who launches his latest campaign at the Millrose Games on Friday, says he plans to go for Games gold again in Beijing.
Yes I will be (in Beijing),'' Greene said. That will be my last go around. Beijing will be it. I will win my gold medal, and then I can walk away from this sport forever.’’
For Greene, 2007 marks a comeback after a season recuperating from injury.
The three-time 100m world champion and former 100m world record-holder said his best was still ahead of him.
I can be better because I believe in myself,'' he said. That’s the most important thing. You have to believe in yourself and know your abilities. My ability’s never gone anywhere, my drive is coming back to what it used to be, and that’s the most important thing.’’
Greene’s time off the track hasn’t made him any less willing to voice his opinions on the sport and his rivals.
Of current world record-holder Asafa Powell, Greene hinted that he believed the Jamaican was vulnerable to pressure.
I don't know him, but his performances are great,'' Greene said. Performance-wise, when he’s on the track I know when the competition is not to his level, that’s when he runs the best.
When he has people who can run down the track with him he doesn't necessarily run as well as he normally would when he's very relaxed.'' Greene, who is pointing his season toward the world championships in Osaka in August, said he is among the group that can challenge Powell. Everyone knows, when everything is on the line that I’m going to show up regardless of what’s happening,’’ Greene said. I'm going to go out there and give a very good race.'' Greene also had a word to say about disgraced compatriot Justin Gatlin, the 2004 Olympic gold medallist who claimed a share of the world record of 9.77sec with Powell last May but who is facing a doping ban after testing positive for testosterone or its precursors.’’
I just think people make bad decisions,'' Greene said of Gatlin. I don’t know the whole story so you can only go by what you hear.
You've just got to have the right people around you and know the people around you, that you can trust them and know that those people around you are not steering you in the wrong direction. You know, I’ve always said if you ever knowingly did something you shouldn’t be in our sport,’’ Greene added. ``There’s no place in our sport for that.’’

It will be interesting to see what kind of shape he is in. He has been heavy the past couple of years and has guaranteed a world record every year. Hell, I thought he retired!! It would be fun to watch him be competitive again. I really think this is an attempt to bring the spotlight back on himself. Mo has been done for a couple of years now. I would be very impressed if he can run a 9.90 or even break 10!