Green Tea Extract

Anybody use the stuff? Apparently it’s a great antioxidant that’s much more potent than green tea itself.

increased fat loss too

How is it for test levels? Again I see a bunch of studies…all conflicting…most on rats…ugh

It’s herbal caffeine as far as I know.

Did you see these ones…

Green tea extract improves running endurance in mice

Exercise and green tea extract stimulate fat oxidation and prevent obesity in mice

There’s also alot of interesting studies on grape seed extract too…

lol aw man everything works in mice. Why can’t they study the stuff in humans? Too dangerous?

Are these effects because of the caffeine effect like Herb mentioned?

green/white tea is one of the few things I have found to really help out a decent amount if not for performance for health. Since drinking 5-6 cups a day of white/green/roobios tea I haven’t gotten sick despite a roommate getting 2 colds and a fever (not to mention the rest of my floor).

I had this conversation recently. I don’t want to live to be 150. I want to run faster. :slight_smile: You notice any fat loss benefits?

lol I see what you mean. Hey give it a try and worst case scenario you get something cheap and tastey that will improve your health. I think it can help a little bit w/ fat loss (besides the caffeine content), but it takes more than 1-2 cups a day.

What if I just get pills?

Here is are some of the nutritional facts from a herbal drink that some of the local athletes from here are taking, its called Yellow Fever, its a local product, what do you guys think, look good?

140mg Potassium
20mg Calcium
10mg Magnesium
315mg Chloride
90mg Sulphate
81mg Inorganic Sulphate
125mg Inorganic Phosphate
28mg N/10 Acid
100mg Creatinin
36mg Creatinin Nitrogen
700mg Urea Nitrogen
10mg Amino Nitrogen
12mg Uric Acid Nitrogen
60mg Ammonia Nitrogen
37mg Uric Acid
200mg Sodium
40mg Alanine
30mg Arginine
30mg Ascorbic Acid
11mg Allantoin
140mg Bicarbonate
32mg Biotin
117mg Crysline
3mg Folic Acid
100mg Glucose
300mg Glutamine Acid
453mg Glycine
55mg Lysine
50mg Tyrosine
100mg Vitamin B6

Yeah I know, they should throw some humans in the mix.