Green Lantern Returns

Since DC has Hal Jordan back with the Rebirth series I have decided to get back into better shape to help me deal with stress. While I am fit, nobody will say that I am in peak form. I am about 5’11’ and 175 with 10 percent bodyfat. My goals are:

(1) PR on Hang clean with an increase of of work capacity. Make sure I use a wide range of lifts with no lame machines.

(2) Improve Akido, Kempo, boxing, and Ninjitsu skills. This will serve as my low intensity work since most will be repetition work and very little sparing. I also will be working with all 9 halls of weapon use.

(3) Use tons of supplements as well as eat at my hotel that I live at so I don’t have any excuse.

(4) Motivate my self with reading,

a. Frank Miller’s Born Again

b. Malcom X jail information

c. My priest’s sermon

(5) Hide from women trying to steal my soul

Yesterday I did a light medball circuit and a few pulling movements. I skipped rope and had problems concentrating when women are asking for advise (never train where you work).

Did 45 minutes of pad and bag work with trainer and cleaned up my footwork. I notice on my strikes I drag my foot like a soccer thow in. The instructor said this was fine and I like that my own natural style of movement is not being destroyed by robot making instructors.

What are your favorite weapons?

I only use weapons from Ninjitsu halls, no chinese weapons. I am interested in using a police Night stick. No firearms.

Cool. I am more partial to korean weapons myself. As far as particular weapons, i prefer swords, especially since i learned some kenjutsu forms to supplement my korean sword forms.

When you mean “police night-stick” do you mean tonfa (looks like an oversized nightstick) or am i confusing it with something else?

Since Tonfas are from Okinawa, yes.

why no sparring? i like hitting people!

some people don’t like getting hit! Little maybe once or twice a week for about 10% or less of total tempo time.

If I am going to chop down a tree I wan’t to spend 90% sharpening an axe (Lincoln).

trees don’t hit back (me). :smiley:

One time I was doing some Escrima stuff in the park with a branch I picked up. I was hitting a tree and the branch broke and smacked me in the face! At first I was pissed, then realized, well, that’s sort of training too.

Ccardill,wrote “trees don’t hit back (me).”

I beg to differ, I was cutting two trees down two days ago, one of them went down without a fight hower the second one fell and hit some fool I was working with, we usually use a chainsaw but due to machine malfunction and some added GPP (why not?) I chose to use the old paul bunyan style, anyhow the tree smacked the dude I was working with in the arm, he is still bitching two days later about how swole his arm is, maybe that is a new bodybuilding technique, I think his bicep looks a lot bigger!!! Long story short, that tree hit back! :stuck_out_tongue: “If a tree falls in the forest on two retards does anyone care about the sound they make?”

(5) Hide from women trying to steal my soul


This right here should make all the difference in the world!!!

Never wore a ring til Mrs. K came along… so Green Lantern is out.

Kinda liked the look of the comic book SpiderMan but about 70 lbs over the top of those lats on me.

My non-work / personal investment time gets spent on about 90 18 to 22 yr old, over privilaged - under appreciative types.

So I just keep an ASP in the Driver’s door side- well…

Currently I am in a state of loss to do with some of my past injuries. I can train rather hard but some exercises are not good to my right knee such as plyos above 33 inches.

Things learned

(1) Speed bag and it’s application to sprinting- Hand speed doesn’t matter but I found that boxing teaches the shoulders to relax as well as the upper back.

(2) I have great genetics (for being lean without much training) and eat rather well for a non-athlete. My current lifts are

275 squat for 3 x 5 past parallel.

Bench 185 x 3

Dips 3 x 30 reps

Pull-ups 16

(3)I gave up Akido training to finish up on some rather big projects. I am currently getting ready for some big moves and hope to move back to Florida. Greed is hurting my training since money rules the world.

I said goodbye to and I will miss her.

I used WinHTTrack to archive it a while back.

There was some good stuff on it, that’s for sure.

I said goodbye to and I will miss her.[/QUOTE]

As will I . Some of the best writing on the web appeared on that site. It was an education and I appreciated every word and picture, thankyou!!!

Perhaps Divide By Zeros metaphysical approach will resurface somewhere ,sometime…