Greeks discuss Olympic security in Washington

:frowning: ATHENS, April 29 (AFP) - Greece’s civilian head ofpolice and secret services arrives in Washington Mondayto discuss Athens Olympics’ security issues with top USadministration officials.
Greek public order minister Yiorgos Voulgarakis isscheduled to meet US homeland security secretary TomRidge as well as the heads of the FBI and the CIA RobertMueller and George Tenet, a police source said hereThursday.
The ministry could not officially confirm the agendafor Voulgarakis’ May 3-5 meetings.
US-Greek security consultations are gathering paceahead of the August 13-29 Olympics.
Around 300 officials from seven countries that adviseGreece on the Games’ security will take part in ‘OlympicGuardian 2,’ a joint Greek-US paper exercise takingplace on May 13-16 in Athens, the ministry saidThursday.
Under the terms of the exercise, Greek officials up tothe rank of minister will have to co-ordinate immediateanti-terrorist action in response to fictitious attackson the Games.
Greek deputy defence minister Vassilis Michaloliakoswill visit the US to discuss Olympics with US officialson May 3-6, a separate announcement said.
Greece is the smallest nation to host the summerOlympics since 1952 and the first after the September11, 2001 attacks in the US.
With 50,000 security personnel, the August 13-29Athens games will be the most heavily-guarded event inthe 108-year history of the Olympics.
NATO is currently drawing up plans to boost securityfor the Games by providing air surveillance, abiochemical warfare unit as well as parts of itsstanding naval force in the Mediterranean.
A specially formed Olympics advisory group of sevencountries - Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Spain,Israel and the US - meets monthly in Athens to provideadvice about security measures. Russia also providesexpertise.