Great pic from TX Relays

This is a great picture (UTEP) of terrific hip height, foot alignment/position, relaxed shoulders etc.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Yes but isn’t that Walter Dix (FSU)? If so, who do you think won the race :smiley: Technique can’t always save you. Just playing devil’s advocate here.

:confused: Churandy Martina won the race!?!Dixon apparently did something to his hamstring as it seems he’s reaching for it…an article said they were roughly stride for stride until the hamstring problem.

I stand corrected (eating my words for lunch right now). Excellent performance by both athletes! My point was that Dix being the dominant collegiate sprinter doesn’t have the “nicest” form.

1 Churandy Martina SO UTEP 10.04 2.5 2
2 Walter Dix SO Florida State 10.17 2.5 2

Even more impressive to me is the performance by Jamaal Charles in that race. For those of you who don’t know he is the starting running back for UT. He is a hurdler primarily and he just had the UT spring game on the 1st. He led for much of the race and finished with a 10.17

the UTEP guy reminds me of carl lewis.