Great Meal Replacement Shake

Invented by me

1 banana
1 cup skim milk
1 tbsp peanut butter
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 scoop whey protein (vanilla)
pinch cinnamon
few drops vanilla extract

Nutritional Profilr
535 kcal
41 grams protein 30 %
12.5 grams fat 21%
7 grams fiber
69 grams carbohydrates 49%

With one cup milk (8 ounces) and with all the other solid stuff in it. How thick is this shake?

After the insulin rise from the skim milk your peanut butter will drift to your fat cells…a great way to ruin your summer sixpack built by Men’s Fitness! NEVER put fat with PWO formulas or similar drinks. I don’t care if you are lean don’t tinker with insulin and fat.

I know the thinking from an asthetic viewpoint Clemson, but does the insulin + fat combo have health consequences as well eg Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes etc

Interesting that you would say this. Wouldn’t the fat and fiber in this shake decrease the insulin response by quite a bit.

7 grams of fiber? :smiley:

I find it hilarious that people still think macro-splitting is necessary.

Macronutrient splitting is not necessary for me…but it works well for those with bad DNA! Choose what you want but if you are doing all the things normal expect to look and perform average. Some elite can life fast lifetyles and run fast, my clients come to me because they don’t have that talent.

Liquid meals with fiber is ok and fat does slow down whole meals but when you are drinking formulas…

Any chance of the Regenerationlab articles being made available elsewhere Clemson?

i also add a serving of fiber 1 cereal bringin the Fiber total to 21 grams.
Net carbs is 62 grams once you subtract the 7 grams of fiber b4 Fiber One.

what else causes an “insulin” spike


LMAO. What is this “insulin” you speak of? :smiley:

Did you mean insulin “spike”? If so I’d say the same thing. This attachment should be helpful

Macronutrient splitting is outdated. It makes life so much harder. Of course there are times when you should eat carbs and protein w/ minimal fat (post-workout) and there are times when you should have a P+F meals (before bed, assuming you don’t workout close to bedtime). But there’s no need for it other times of the day. I haven’t seen any legitimate evidence to support the claims made by Berardi on this.

Wait I know what somwone’s reply is going to be. “Fine, eat pizza, mashed potatoes with cream and butter, ice cream, burgers, french fries, Krispy Kremes(somebody just quit their diet just reading that) etc… and post a pic.”

I would tell them that if they think the macronutrient ratio is what makes these foods bad for body comp, they should just give it all up and eat whatever they want because there’s no hope for them. Like Berardi has said before all fats aren’t created equal neither are all carbs.

What is a better meal choice:

Meal A:30g protein/30g fat/0g carbs
Meal B:30g protein/20g fat/ 40g carbs

The answer is: If you would answer this question without knowing more about each meal you need serious help. I will now provide with the necessary details.

Meal A is a lard and soy protein shake.
Meal B is Grilled salmon served with brown rice, and a green salad topped with a vinagriette.

This is obvioulsy an extreme example, but I wanted to prove a point. There are so many factors that come before macronutrient ratio at each meal it’s not even funny. These would include: Where are carbs, fat, or protein coming from? (fruit or soda/flax or french fries) daily macronutrient ratio, total protein consumption,etc…

Until you have these factors perfect, don’t worry about macronutrient splitting! In my opinon it’s beyond knit-picking.


Great exampe with the Soy and Lard smoothie. I will eliminate that from my diet. I love the Salmon meal…so practical for our College Athletes.

basically the theme of this is dont combine crappy carbs and carppy fats at the same time (sat. fats and simple carbs)

Salmon with complex carbs is a great meal
Meat Lovers Pizza is a bad meal.

Whole Milk with Cinnamon toast crunch is a bad meal

FIber 1 cereal with banabas is a good meal
and so on…

You have some sort of complex. Where you picked on in school? You need not be so sarcastic. I don’t care who you think you are, how many “rep points” you have or whatever. You disrespected me. I know damn well you wouldn’t disrespect me in the real world. Don’t do it here.

“Extreme examples to prove a point”

I was trying to show that there are MANY more important factors to consider, but you got it all figured out don’t you? I’m in college, I’m an athlete, I eat well. I know dorms suck I lived it.

I also found a loophole

step 1: Make friends
step 2: Move into house/apartment with friends from step 1
step 3: Live it up

I enjoy all the benefits of college and home life. My friends aren’t judgemental of my eating habits and even try to bum food off me. It’s not that I have a lot of money either, cooking healthy is cheaper than going out for junk anyday. You just have to decide how important it is to you. Why should I live off crap and protein shakes, in the few years where my athletic career actually means something.

It’s a good thing you cut out ther lard and soy shakes. If you couldn’t tell I was trying to think up the worst possible thing you could put in your body, well I just know…

(shakes head in disappointment)


You are a great example sarcastic internet jockey. I will eliminate your website…oops too late.