grass track time differences?

sorry i wasnt sure where to post this. how much difference in time would there be on a grass track compared to a normal track for different distances? 1, 2 and 400m?


i have done tons of training on grass. between two tracks in the same town there was like 2sec difference over 400m on grass!! Camcorder shows over a 20m period if your running over poor quality grass times can slow 0.9sec over the 20m!!!
So in answer, its too hard to judge. Grass quality, smoothness, green v’s dried out, hard clay grass v’s soft lusch grass make too many differences to cover.
So long as your improving on YOUR track that you train on, you know your improving.

ah lol. its pretty good, dry and slightly bumpy in some places if thats any help. its ok if you can even give a very rough estimate.

for my flying 20’s the grass was about .2-.3 slower, but i was running on a worn out field that was fairly hard compared to most grass surfaces. i dont know how much you would loose at the start though.